Feed Your Frequency Through Plant Medicine with Danielle Kort & Kyle HubertThe Millennial Party

Feed Your Frequency Through Plant Medicine with Danielle Kort & Kyle Hubert


“Forget a vacation. Go on a real trip… inside your mind.”

In this episode, Luis welcomes special guests Danielle Kort and Kyle Hubert to give us a little background and a more in-depth look on what plant medicine is, how it can change us, and the case for its use in our society today.

From high executive journeys in Silicon Valley to healing physical and mental wounds, tune in as Danielle and Kyle explain why we aren’t talking “psychedelics” but about shifting the mentality for using these once sacred medicines with intention.


  • Danielle and Kyle’s journey to plant medicine
  • How plant medicine can expand your consciousness
  • The deep-rooted history of plant medicine
  • Breaking out of your mental box and expanding your cage
  • What are entheogens? And why you might want to try them


“I feel like they got me on my most authentic path, really listening to that deep inner voice within to be able to guide me to align my life to a life that's full of purpose, peace, and joy. Maybe it sounds corny, but these are all the things we're all seeking.”


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Wow! This is immense shown! So professional guide by great talent Millennial generation!

LL sarasota
The Millennial Party

Entertaining • Brutally Honest • all the Facts ~ can’t wait to learn more!

The Millennial Party

Love all the valid points and topics that we must discuss now a days. Thank you for having the courage to speak out and share. Can’t wait for the next episode !!!!

Jen Perez
The Millennial Party
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