6 Hard Lessons I Learnt from 7 Years of Running a Successful BoutiqueAND This

6 Hard Lessons I Learnt from 7 Years of Running a Successful Boutique

In this premiere episode of AND This, I’m sharing the 6 hard lessons I learned from my 7-year journey as a product-based business owner. From the highs and lows to the pivotal moments that shaped my decision to close my successful boutique, I reveal the things I wish I’d done differently, sharing  practical strategies and insights that could have altered the course of my business. Join me as I explore resilience, avoid common pitfalls, and discuss strategic pivoting to set your business up for success. Tune in for invaluable advice on navigating entrepreneurship and building a sustainable brand!


  • Jasmine’s business journey: the good, bad, and ugly
  • Some cheat codes to avoid product-based business closure:
  • 1 - To stay behind the scenes
  • 2 - Try out drop shipping
  • 3 - Leverage with more in-person activations and large-scale events
  • 4 - Prioritising media exposure to build credibility
  • 5 - Build a loyal community
  • 6 - Hire a third-party logistics company
  • On knowing when to quit and pivot to your next move


“There are two things you can do to increase your margins and profits. One - you may need to raise your retail prices. There is nothing wrong with raising retail. The price is the price. The next thing you can do is what's called ‘baking some of the costs’ that you get as a founder, as a person running a business, baking some of that cost into your retail price.” – Jasmene Bowdry

“I want you to push yourself. I want you to over-prepare. I want you to strategize from the very beginning using these tools that I gave you today — to potentially help you change the trajectory of your business.” – Jasmene Bowdry


Jasmene Bowdry

IG | @jasmenebowdry

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Jasmene is an amazing expert in her lane of fashion, faith, and transparency. She always shares the ups and downs of her journey to help others on their journey. If she says something to me it’s law because she never holds back. If you don’t believe me just see for yourself.

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