The Secret to Shifting Your Thoughts, Beliefs, and Reality with Michael RomanoManifesting Money

The Secret to Shifting Your Thoughts, Beliefs, and Reality with Michael Romano

Did you know that the key to unlocking your biggest potential has been inside of you all along?

In this episode, we invite manifestation expert Michael Romano to show us how simply shifting our thoughts and beliefs will ultimately transform our reality! But just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Tune in as Michael shows you how to reprogram your mind and remold your negative thoughts. Anita and Michael also chat about the Energy Movement program and the biggest challenges and rewards of teaching the powerful tool of manifestation.

So, join in on the conversation and uncover the secrets to shifting your thoughts, beliefs, and reality with Michael Romano today!


  • Michael’s manifestation and quantum leap journey
  • The number one reason you’re stuck
  • Michael’s biggest manifestation moment
  • How to reprogram your beliefs
  • Understanding vibration and attraction
  • Ways to shift your negative thoughts
  • The hardest parts of teaching manifestation
  • About the Energy Movement program


“The narrative that is going on in your head 100% is coming true.”


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Loving the podcast! Found Anita on Tik Tok and have loved her content. Can’t wait to manifest so much money with her tips!

B haley
Manifesting Money

For real, it is. I have notice positive shifts in my life and is thanks to this podcast. Also she gives you prompts to work on your money mindset, find the bottom of where the block is and more. Since listening to it I am more aware of the patterns that used to affect my belief of money. Thank you Anita!

Manifesting Money

woke up this morning and decided to start my day off with affirmations/manifestations. i ended up writing a whole page of mainly money manifestations. literally 10 min later i came across the “how to manifest money without working” episode. i had never heard of this podcast prior to listening to the episode but as an aspiring life coach and someone who is always looking for opportunities to expand, im super grateful to have this placed in my path 🙏🏼 the podcast is organized in a very digestible manner, the hosts energy is so enthusiastic and bubbly, and the content was relatable. chefs kisses 😚 🤌🏼

viva marquez
Manifesting Money

Love this !

Manifesting Money
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