NYC Hairstylist to ATL Real Estate Mogul: How Cristina Mineo Created Her Real Estate SuccessWealth Within Reach

NYC Hairstylist to ATL Real Estate Mogul: How Cristina Mineo Created Her Real Estate Success

In this episode, I welcome Cristina Mineo to  share with us her journey from her bustling career as a hairstylist in New York City to a dynamic role as an entrepreneur and real estate investor in Atlanta.

Cristina unveils the pivotal role of financial literacy, drawing from Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad," to help you with your entrepreneurial endeavors. She also highlights the challenges and triumphs of real estate investments, emphasizing some strategies to overcome systemic barriers and leveraging community support for sustainable growth.

Join us as we unravel her transition from urban hustle to rural prosperity, emphasizing the narrative of resilience, determination, and strategic foresight in real estate investments today.


  • Cristina’s real estate investment journey
  • The key to financial literacy
  • On taking risks and facing fears in real estate investing
  • The importance of focusing on your goal
  • On overcoming fear, building connections, and seeking opportunities
  • Some challenges of being a woman in the real estate industry
  • Ways to reframe setbacks in renovation projects
  • Financial struggles and growth through community support
  • Some helpful foundational book recommendations


“When you try to hold something so tight and expect that everything is going to be perfect, you're just not going to set yourself up for success.”– Cristina Mineo

”One word that can address the guilt is imagination. So, the reason why we feel that guilt is because no one in our circle had seen or been to where we're at.” – Cristina Mineo


Cristina Mineo

IG | @cristinamineo


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Erika Brown

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Perfect for anyone who wants to go beyond the Status Quo and achieve generational wealth for their family. The stories are relatable and makes me feel like if they can do it, so can I !

DJ Reel Chill
Wealth Within Reach

I love that Erika has taken a topic so many have felt is beyond their reach and made it easy and actionable. She has such an infectious way of engaging with those around her. I can’t wait to hear more episodes!

Wealth Within Reach
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