More Than Just a Buzzword: The True Meaning of Equity with Ifeoma IkeGuilty Privilege

More Than Just a Buzzword: The True Meaning of Equity with Ifeoma Ike

In today’s episode, your host, Amber Cabral, is joined by Ifeoma Ike, Founder of Pink Cornrows, a national majority femme and people of color public policy, communications, and social impact firm catalyzing equity across industries to achieve one simple (yet not easy) goal: a world that works for all humans.

From education to politics to entertainment media, equity has become a buzzword in many spaces lately, but what does it actually mean? And how do we achieve true equity that leads to freedom instead of merely a quota being hit?

That is why in this episode, we’re going to dive into what equity really means and how it needs to show up in our spaces and communities. Join Ifeoma as she makes the clear distinction between equity and DEI, show us the current climate of equity through her unique lens as a Black woman, and reveals the biggest problem with the equity space right now (and what we can do to solve it!)

It’s time we understood the privilege we’ve been given to really bring equity into life for ourselves and those around us. Tune in to this conversation and discover The True Meaning of Equity with Ifeoma Ike and Amber Cabral today!


• The difference between equity and DEI
• Where does equity education begin and who does the responsibility of equity education fall on?
• How do we ensure that equity will lead to freedom?
• The future of equity and AI in employment
• Navigating moments when privilege and equity collide
• Dissecting the fear behind equity chats among POC communities
• Ifeoma’s upcoming book The Equity Mindset book - launching September 2023!
• The one privilege Ifeoma refuses to feel guilty about


“The reward for equity is more equity.” - Ifeoma Ike

“I come into equity work, not from a perspective of looking at it as a workplace issue. I come into it — looking at it from a legal issue and from a research issue. So for me, equity has always been described as something you measure. It's always been described as something that has a historical significance to marginalization.” - Ifeoma Ike

“For me, the privilege that I have is like ‘sure, invite me  – you'd be surprised on what comes [out of] my mouth or I'm gonna say: ‘no because there are others and I'm gonna give you a list of the people that you should actually be reaching out to.” -  Ifeoma Ike


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Amber has a genuine ability to bring out the authentic aspects of topics that many of us must want to sit down and have a conversation about! Refreshing, compelling and yes, entertaining — can’t wait for each episode to drop and I even feel more equipped to expand on these topics in my own circle!

Guilty Privilege

Just finished the first episode (whispers: via YouTube) and I was NOT ready for the conversation to end. So I came on over to the apple podcast streets to subscribe and listen again on my commute to work. While this is not the work I’m exclusively dedicated to, I want to increase awareness around equity so I can be more intentional in my practice personally and professionally. This conversation is an absolute resource that I have the PRIVILEGE (time) to tap into and I look forward to digging into new episodes every week.

Guilty Privilege

Wow! I couldn’t get enough of this. Wished it were longer. The conversation is real, authentic and can absolutely be life changing if you soak the info in. Just finished listening to the episode with Tieko Nejon on emotional intelligence and Amber asked the best questions. Tieko answered so thoughtfully and broke it allll the way down for us. Kudos to both of you. I am sharing this podcast with so many people.

Guilty Privilege

This podcast provides a path to self-awareness in the most refreshing and engaging way. The conversations are so yummy (yes, yummy!) and they make me feel like I’m sitting on the sofa with Amber and her guests.

Guilty Privilege
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