Meet Retired Lt. Gen. Ronnie D. Hawkins Jr., President, Angelo State University — an award-winning Texas Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI)In The Margins

Meet Retired Lt. Gen. Ronnie D. Hawkins Jr., President, Angelo State University — an award-winning Texas Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI)

Meet retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Ronnie D. Hawkins Jr., president of Angelo State University (ASU), which continues to evolve and thrive as a leading institution in higher education in part by leveraging its opportunities. The university is dedicated to serving its diverse student population and preparing students for success in an ever-changing world.

In this episode of Diverse, host Ralph Newell and Hawkins delve into the initiatives and challenges facing ASU, particularly in serving Latino students and navigating the landscape of higher education.

Experience this thought-provoking exchange as Newell and Hawkins explore the intersection of education, diversity, and leadership and the transformative impact of inclusive practices in higher education.


  • ASU’s multifaceted strategies to recruit Latinx students
  • On athletic scholarships, transfer portal, and NFL opportunities
  • Retired Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins Jr.’s biggest challenge as a university president
  • The importance of quality education and global workforce competitiveness
  • How ASU increases access and removes barriers for Latinx students
  • Some student success stories from ASU’s programs
  • ASU’s commitment to diversity


“Inclusion as a concept has so many factors influencing it. Creating these spaces that allow one to kind of speak up without feeling like the have to shut up and shut down… How do you create these psychologically safe spaces? Trust is at the center of this.” — Ronnie D. Hawkins Jr.


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Closed captioning and a live show transcription are available in the video for this episode.

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Such an amazing platform. So many milestones have been made and so many more to come.

Abigail Santiago
In The Margins

Such a great approach on the different perspectives surrounding diversity and how it affects all communities! Enjoying each episode!

In The Margins

I like that the episodes aren’t too long but are still very informative

GMU 2009
In The Margins

This is an amazing podcast. I am glad you are stepping up and talking about a sensitive topic that is not talked about enough. Thank you for sharing this information. It effects students in higher education and the effects carry over into the workforce when the students graduate. Some students are tainted because there was not enough taught on diversity and the students perspective are skewed.

Precious Rutlin
In The Margins
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