Foundation For Becoming A Multi-MillionaireManifesting Money

Foundation For Becoming A Multi-Millionaire

It’s common knowledge that you need multiple sources of income for financial stability, but how do you actually get started on doing that?

In this episode, we invite entrepreneur, philanthropist, business strategist, and podcast host Chris Harder to show us the way to financial success.

Tune in to learn about positive and negative referral spirals, how to get attention and build your audience, and how to radically change your mindset from one of scarcity to financial abundance.

Stick to the end of the episode for a Q&A session with some of our listeners to see how he applies his concepts to some real-life situations!


  • How to build multiple substantial streams of income.
  • How to use your pain points as a driving force.
  • Why being a Jack of all Trades doesn’t always work.
  • Do you know your hourly worth?
  • How to radically change your paradigm.
  • How to effectively market your business and build your brand.
  • The key to promoting and selling your product.


“You must live as though if one income source went away, no matter which one it was, you wouldn't have to change your lifestyle tomorrow. So that's the end goal.”

“The most important asset you possibly have is attention.”


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Amazing podcast, your giving great value. I want to be just like you when I grow up lol @manifestinpeace

Manifesting Money


Niece 1
Manifesting Money

So happy I found your podcast a few weeks ago. Or should I say, your podcast found me! 😉 I have already started to notice so many synchronicities! So far I’ve manifested $15 here $13 there, then $400 then $1000 and I can feel so much more coming! You’ve also helped me release a career that was no longer serving me. And I can already see little signs that the universe is aligning me with my true life path as a light worker/energy healer! “Sooo good!” Thank you Anita!

Manifesting Money

I am not even sure how I came upon this podcast but I’ve been listening for the last year and it’s helped me with so many shifts! I have manifested connections, money and even a big move that I am about to make,l. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and I can’t wait to hear more!

Brushed Beauty
Manifesting Money
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