DEI in Real Life | A Practical Guide on Allyship & Advocacy with RIRL PodcastGuilty Privilege

DEI in Real Life | A Practical Guide on Allyship & Advocacy with RIRL Podcast

Welcome back to Guilty Privilege!

In today’s episode, Amber takes us on her guest appearance on the Rich in Real Life podcast, a gem of a platform hosted by Jessica Hurley who is the visionary founder behind the EPYC Media Network.

Diving into this special episode, Amber shares the complexities of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), sharing her passion and purpose in a space that’s often challenging to navigate. Jessica and Amber explore the nuanced dance of culture, equity, and privilege, engaging in thought-provoking dialogue that many steer clear of, yet is essential for growth and understanding.

Their conversation offers insights and personal revelations that have not only shaped Amber’s journey but also the power to transform how to perceive and interact with the world around us. With a mix of candid reflections, a touch of Guilty Privilege humor, and a dose of reality, join Amber and Jessica as they equip us with practical insights and the right mindset to enrich one’s life and others.

Tune in, embrace the discomfort, and don’t miss this episode focusing on a richer, more real understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) today!


  • Amber’s career journey
  • How DEI influences entrepreneurship, team diversity, and innovation
  • On navigating privilege, oppression, and inclusivity
  • The pivotal role of having allyship and advocacy
  • The importance of apologies and taking responsibility
  • How to handle uncomfortable situations
  • The importance of giving and receiving feedback for personal growth
  • The impact of power and influence on a mission to help society


“You do not have to be a person who is a practitioner of the work, who also happens to be queer, and also happens to be nonbinary — you do not have to adopt all of these things. Part of being an ally is being able to position yourself in the discomfort of building empathy.” – Amber Cabral

“This is not about the workplace. This is about how you show up in the world.” – Jessica Hurley

“Allyship is work. It's work. Advocacy is work: ‘I gotta be uncomfortable. I am pushing against a system I do not think is working for everyone.’” – Amber Cabral


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Get your own copy of "This Is Not a Test," a compelling read that encourages teachers and parents to embrace their roles in education and advocacy:

Amber Cabral

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Allies and Advocates: Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Culture

Say More About That: ...And Other Ways to Speak Up, Push Back, and Advocate for Yourself and Others -

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WOW! I am always enthralled by the conversations had and topics discussed on this podcast. As someone who rarely feels motivated or inspired, I am so grateful to have found this podcast. I have shared this podcast with so many people in my life as each episode offers a brilliant mind’s insight. This past episode I had to pull over and just allow myself to feel the the feeling of motivation and then gratitude. This show doesn’t present itself as a self help podcast, nor does it attempt to—for lack of a better word— preach to it’s audience. However, every episode I find myself unapologetically happy with myself. I find myself sharing this podcast hoping others feel this feeling. Having access to this podcast is one privilege I absolutely refuse to feel guilty for—and boy what a privilege it is!

Experiment six two six
Guilty Privilege

Great listen/watch. People really underrate how important emotional intelligence is in business. Hopefully more people will listen and utilize some of the information shared.
Guilty Privilege

Wow! I couldn’t get enough of this. Wished it were longer. The conversation is real, authentic and can absolutely be life changing if you soak the info in. Just finished listening to the episode with Tieko Nejon on emotional intelligence and Amber asked the best questions. Tieko answered so thoughtfully and broke it allll the way down for us. Kudos to both of you. I am sharing this podcast with so many people.

Guilty Privilege

Amber has a genuine ability to bring out the authentic aspects of topics that many of us must want to sit down and have a conversation about! Refreshing, compelling and yes, entertaining — can’t wait for each episode to drop and I even feel more equipped to expand on these topics in my own circle!

Guilty Privilege
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