Behind The Scenes of The Perrys: Secrets to a Successful Marriage with Jackie Hill Perry & Preston PerryWealth Within Reach

Behind The Scenes of The Perrys: Secrets to a Successful Marriage with Jackie Hill Perry & Preston Perry

Welcome to the Season 1 finale of Wealth Within Reach! Join host Erika Brown and her husband Lawrence as they sit down with Jackie Hill Perry and Preston Perry for an intimate exploration of marriage, faith, and pursuing individual and collective callings. This episode delves into how Jackie and Preston navigate the complexities of their relationship, balancing personal visions while supporting each other through life's challenges.

Jackie and Preston candidly share their journey, discussing the importance of communication, trust, and resilience in their marriage. From managing multiple roles to prioritizing personal needs and fostering unity, they each offer profound insights and practical advice for couples seeking to strengthen their partnership amidst personal growth, business endeavors, and family dynamics. Reflecting on their own experiences, they touch on topics ranging from spiritual guidance and overcoming obstacles to the significance of humility and community support.

Tune in to discover how Jackie and Preston Perry embody dedication, faith, and love in their marriage, providing inspiration and guidance for listeners navigating their own journeys of faith and relationship dynamics.


  • The influence of parents and grandparents on children's career choices
  • Learning to say "no" and prioritizing personal obligations
  • Some signs of being overwhelmed
  • On communication and understanding your spouse’s needs
  • The value of having strong relationships
  • On navigating shared callings in marriage
  • The importance of trusting God’s will
  • Trust, communication, and teamwork in marriage
  • The importance of unity in marriage and leadership
  • Dealing with trauma, isolation, and struggles together
  • Spiritual warfare and self-awareness for couples
  • How do we find a healthy community?
  • Humility is key to a healthy relationship with God and others
  • Business partnerships with spouses, personal growth, and family balance


“How many times do marriages fall apart because people just don't even know how to support one another, nor do they know how to work together? It's easy for you just to think, oh, I can kill it, I can kill, I can kill it, in the same way that it's easy to love yourself. But it's harder to apply what you learned in the Bible with other people” - Preston Perry

“It’s kind of a myth about marriage is that our significant other is supposed to be our everything. That's very intimidating for me [and] that's a lot of pressure for me to be someone's everything because I'm not.” – Erika Brown

“We have similar gifts — we both are gifted to teach. We both are communicators [and] are creatives. So, we don't necessarily have tension when it comes to sharing a call, per se. I think we've had tension when one of us has a vision that the other doesn't feel like walking into. And so Preston will often have ideas that take me years to agree with.” – Jackie Hill Perry


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I love that Erika has taken a topic so many have felt is beyond their reach and made it easy and actionable. She has such an infectious way of engaging with those around her. I can’t wait to hear more episodes!

Wealth Within Reach

Perfect for anyone who wants to go beyond the Status Quo and achieve generational wealth for their family. The stories are relatable and makes me feel like if they can do it, so can I !

DJ Reel Chill
Wealth Within Reach
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