Hyper-Independent Women Submitting to Their FemininityRich In Real Life

Hyper-Independent Women Submitting to Their Femininity

As entrepreneurs, leaders, and businesswomen, we often don’t see the benefit of our feelings, emotions, and anything that people these days would call feminine. Our “soft side” did not get us “here,” so we take a step back from what we don’t find useful anymore. But is there a way to balance being a partner, mom, and boss and find harmony between these two energies?

Tune in as Jess welcomes fellow entrepreneur Ashley Molina to share her story of unraveling to find her feminine and how she got there when all she knew was survival in masculine energy.


  • Can you balance your feminine and masculine energy?
  • Why relationships are about the submission of two people
  • Learning the art of surrender
  • What is the predictive index?
  • How to come home to yourself and flow
  • Bringing the feminine into leadership, business, and home


“You're just one person trying to balance everything out. But the balance is, everything is not having 100% every single day. And that's the reality of it.”

“Guess what gets compromised in the process? Our sanity, our femininity, our family, our partners, our friendships, our ability to love, our ability to connect - because I don't have time to connect with you. I'm trying to change these numbers!”


Ashley Molina

IG | instagram.com/a__doseofashley


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I started listening to this podcast from episode one. Five stars is an understatement!As you are aware there are endless options of shows and information, so choosing a podcast that will truly instill value is just the beginning of whatever you are trying to achieve by listening.Jessica truly hits home with all of her content, from personal experience or from her very intriguing guests, she simply never misses a beat! I would recommend her show time and time again, can’t wait to see what’s next!

Rich In Real Life

I’m an avid listener of Jessica’s podcast & I love it more & more every time I listen! I enjoy her transparency, go getter attitude & her words of encouragement! Thanks for giving us this to help navigate or “stranded phases”!

Rich In Real Life

Listening to you Jessica has been effortless, yet so inspiring and motivating! Keep going.. Your voice and message is empowering so many lives! Thank you :)

Rich In Real Life

Oh Jess.........what can I say about this girl I feel like I’ve known her for years lol ....she inspires me almost daily, she is a mirror of strength, perseverance, determination, I could go on and on. She is transparent in her podcasts giving us all inspiration and motivation to be the best versions of ourselves. I LOVE listening to her and look forward to her posts and podcasts. Thanks jess for giving so much of yourself!!!!! XO

Rich In Real Life
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