Dealing with Our Shadows - Are you Self-Guiding or AbidingRich In Real Life

Dealing with Our Shadows - Are you Self-Guiding or Abiding

Friend, CEO of WIIN Investments, and sales expert Elijah Rubin joins your girl Jess in this episode where they talk anything but real estate! Her thought partner in crime, Elijah and Jess dive into healing and dealing in the shadow.

Tune in as the pair shed light on this often-ignored part of healing, urging all of us to strip back what others thinks of us and discover what’s really holding us back and the limitations we try to blame on the external world. Sharing their own experiences, get to know the old version of you that you may not like too much, and pull them out of the shadows. Because true healing is a journey of surrender to the unknown.


  • What is the shadow?
  • Why do we need shadow work?
  • Releasing the emotions stuck in our body
  • Are you keeping yourself busy, or are you fulfilled?
  • Is shadow work a solitary journey?
  • Victim to victorious - the power of surrendering


“When you're tired of going outside, you start looking inside, and I think that is where the magic happens. I think that's when you stop looking for the world to give you answers, and you go inside to find the answers.” “Relive the stories that you told yourself and pull those thoughts out of the shadows. And say, is this self-serving me? Or is it self-defeating me? Because no one's gonna care about you, your past, and your future more than you. So why not take this time to invest in yourself?”


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So real!

I love how you are so real and authentic. Keep up the great work!

Jillian U
Rich In Real Life

Listening to you Jessica has been effortless, yet so inspiring and motivating! Keep going.. Your voice and message is empowering so many lives! Thank you :)

Rich In Real Life

I’m new to listening to podcasts, I actually got to meet Jessica this year, I started following her on IG and loved her content there- everything is insightful and motivational. I came to listen to her podcast and love it! It’s like therapy for me! Give her a listen, I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Rich In Real Life

The Stranded Podcast has great content I highly recommend to everyone. I can tell the hard work and effort Jessica puts in to provide us with these inspiring episodes. I have learn so much self development as women and would love for everyone to listen to gain all the knowledge I did with all these empowering episodes. Great Podcast! Keeping shining Jess.

Rich In Real Life
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